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Windy Willows Highlander: Feel The Beauty Of Nature And Fresh Air

When we say about vacation we always think about going to the beach. Why not change your view of a vacation and try the mountain part. We always thought that hiking over the mountain is tiring and can’t relieve the stress we obtain in our daily work and life.

My cousins and I went for a trip to Windy Willows Highlander. It’s a resort on the top of a mountain. It was open last 2014 after the devastating storm Yolanda (international name “Haiyan”) almost destroy the whole house ( mostly all of the houses in Ajuy that also include our house). They say its name Windy Willows was taken on a book character. The resort got featured on “Sikat Ka Iloilo” and “Bandila” (local TV news program) that’s why a lot of Ajuynons and Illongos went to see this resort and experience its great beauty.

Windy Willows Highlander Going Up

Windy Willows is located at Malayuan Ajuy, Iloilo. In order to get here you have to ride a bus from Iloilo City going to Ajuy the fare is about PHP95 for a regular bus and PHP120 for an aircon bus. They also offered some accommodation with free breakfast ranging from PHP1600 up to PHP2500 depending on the type of cabana you wish to stay. Since we’re Ajuynon’s it’s not hard for us to get there it’s just a couple of minutes away from our house via bus or private vehicle.

Going up was really great but a bit tiring. Yes! You can ride a motorcycle up to the top of the mountain until you reach the resort or you can ride your own car halfway the road going there (just like we did on a second visit). But nothing more thrilling and exciting than to hike it from the bottom up to the top. It’s kind of tiring and somewhat hard but when you reach the top it is truly worth it. Most of us want an easy access to everything and tired of putting hard work just to achieve a goal. What’s the difference in putting hard work than depending on the easy one? When you fulfill your goal, it is truly a great achievement and you will be proud to say you did it, by giving all your best.

Windy Willows Highlander Resort

Reaching the resort’s restaurant and seeing the beautiful place is really amazing and fulfilling, but what’s most amazing is the scenery you will see upon reaching the dining area. Seeing the beautiful islets of Ajuy as well as the top view of several barangay surrounding Malayuan, and also seeing the beautiful sea is a picture perfect scene of how beautiful nature is.

The staff was great because when we arrive he offer us some cold water because he knows that we are tired and somewhat thirsty. We order some foods to dine in, because we are really hungry ( note you have to be patient with the food service cause it takes a bit longer because of the short staff and the owners of the resort is the one cooking your orders). We order some cheeseburger, fries and Pancit Bihon.

Food Pictures

While waiting for our order we took the time to take some pictures and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Seeing the beautiful scenery, breathing some fresh air and enjoying the quiet environment is a great therapy for our soul and also it helps us to keep away for a while from the hectic and chaotic environment of the urban life.

After several minutes our orders arrive and we dine in. The fries and cheeseburger was good but the burger is somewhat dry and not juicy enough unlike the one I was expecting. But it’s ok because what’s best about the burger is the burger patty it is purely beef and the fries is yummy also. We ate and talk while enjoying the view it was really amazing and a new experience regardless we always want to go to the beach and dine in a fine restaurant in the city.

Windy Willows

The great thing about this resort is its scenery and the food was good. The total experience was awesome because of the new kind of excitement it brings and it’s also close to our house. I recommend trying something new this summer rather than going to the beach why not climb to the mountain and have some quality time with your family or friends.


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