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Get Wet At Waterworld Iloilo

My first visit to a water park and I’m a bit excited but also scared for there are slides that a little bit scary. Since the park opens at 9 in the morning we arrive at Waterworld Iloilo at around 8:30 AM. By the way Waterworld Iloilo is located at Alta Tierra Village, Jaro, Iloilo City. You can drive your car going there or ride a taxi. You can also ride a jeepney going to Jaro or Leganes, just told the driver to drop you off Alta Tierra Village, at the entrance of the village there is a Waterworld service vehicle or you can hire a pedicab the fare is around 10PHP per person.

Arriving at the park you will have to fall in line because there are a lot of people waiting at the ticketing booth. Tickets are sold for 350PHP over weekdays but it is sold for 500PHP over weekends. After paying your tickets you will now have to rent a locker or a table. Lockers are for smaller groups (maybe 3 to 5 person) and tables are for families (group of 8 or more). Lockers rental is 50PHP and table rental is 300PHP. There is also a private rooms that have air conditioned. But before you are given the key to the locker you must first leave an ID over the counter. The key to the locker is waterproof and can be wear as a bracelet.

Waterworld Iloilo strictly implementing rules and regulations over the park. You have to follow their dress code, in case you have no swimming attire never to worry because they have a store at the entrance (just like me, I bought my short for 250PHP).  They also don’t allowed any jewelery to be worn like earrings, watches and bracelets. Just follow their rules it is also for your safety.

Here we are now to the fun part, the part of getting “WET”. The first thing we try is the Funtasea place, this a playground theme except you are getting wet. Since it’s our first time over these water park we tried the shortest slides just to prepare ourselves for the longer and higher slides (Reason because we scared).  After that slide the excitement is now on our mind and we tried all the slides over this area. There are red, blue, yellow, green and the longest and darkest slide the purple one (where I called the dark slide). There is also big bucket that pour water when become full. Yes! This Funtasea place is a great playground not only for children but also for adults.

At the right side of Funtasea is a small playground for children called Waterplay and also a good place to sit and rest for a while. After trying all the slides over Funtasea we are now ready to conquer much higher slides and frightening one. The first thing we try is bigger slide where 3 of you can get on a floater but you must bring your own floater going up. It was an exciting and a heart pounding slide (if it’s your first time, 2nd time a little bit, we tried it three times).

The second we try is the Space Hole. Yes! this one will boost your adrenaline rush not only because slide is higher but also when you are on the slide you will get the feeling of getting flush over a toilet bowl. There are also a much higher slides like the Mat Racer and the death defying Speed Shooter, when you have phobia over height then these slides are better be disregarded. Since we have a child on our company we didn’t go to these 2 slides (another reasonable escape).

After that adrenaline rush we get over to the flowing river around Funtasea area just to relax our body. It was a 5 minutes ride around the area and a great way to lie over a floater and go along with the flow of the water. Right after that slide we went over to grab something to eat. Waterworld have its own restaurants inside. We eat over LOOPS, this resto serves pasta, pizza and burgers. But we are a bit disappointed with the pasta we ordered it’s not that tasty and we didn’t even eat the whole thing. The burger is good but not great. After eating we get over the front pool of this resto and chill ourselves. Also go back to Funtasea area and take some slides again. However we realized that it was afternoon and the place is now getting crowded with children and people. A little advice if you wish to enjoy over this park go over the weekdays and enter the park early in the morning to enjoy mostly all the slide without getting interrupted.

Waterworld Iloilo is a great playground for children but most of all for teenagers and adults to experience an adrenaline rush runs over their veins. It was a great experience for me and a place that I can recommend for family outing, friends outing or even solo travelers.

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