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TWO ZERO ONE SIX: A Dream Become A Reality!

I have been thinking of what I have done this 2016, when the year started the first 2 months is just an ordinary day for me because there is nothing special that I can remember. On the 3rd month, I have made a decision to make a change in my life, a change that will require a risk and a lot of self-confidence (that I don’t have because I’m a shy type person). Day and night thinking of what to do, if I can really do it and what if I fail! There are a lot of questions and what ifs going over my mind. But nothing can stop a stubborn mind right? So I ask for a sign! A sign if this change is worth a risk.

I wait for several days but when I’m in the edge of giving up the “SIGN” appear. This gives me the reason to make my dream a reality. My dream to build my own website, not only an ordinary website but a website of my dream! A Travel Website!

If you ask me what is the sign I have been waiting for? “A Good Domain Name” and “A Starting Article”, these maybe simple for every person but for me it’s a struggle since I am worst in grammar and building an article takes me days to finish. Even if I finish the article it still have a lot of errors and wrong grammars(maybe the one you are reading right now have one too, so just email me or comment below, appreciate it so much).

I feel like my dream becoming a reality when the next month my friends invited me to have our reunion over Islas De Gigantes. It was a good sign for me because I can now start my first travel article. In the Island I have been thinking of what to write, if I can create a good article out of my travel. I lie down over the sand and look up the sky, then I told myself that I should write from the heart and write what I have experience over my travel. There I started to realize that it is easy to write an article but my big problem is if my article is readable or not. I have finished my article and show it to my friend. He said that it’s alright maybe not a perfect one but it’s surely okay. Also he told me to have confidence for every article I wrote. I publish the article then think that I’m not a perfect person, so if somebody criticizes me then I’ll accept it and learn from them.

Month’s past and I have travel to a lot of great places and also create an article for every travel I have. I may not have enough money to finance such travel but God is good that he always giving me reason not to give up over my dream. Also thanking my friends and family for making my dream a reality ( To All my Friends And Family Thank You So Much! ).

Two thousand sixteen(2016) is really a great year for me. This year is the birth year of one dream I have. I may not travel more often in 2017 because I will take another journey (another dream in the making) but when opportunity knocks over me, then I will grab it or hug it! just to be sure I will not lose that opportunity. Dreams Do Come TRUE if you really believe that you can do it! You just need courage, patience and a little luck “maybe” to achieve it! I already started my dream and making it much more real in this coming year!


– Ma Coy    🙂     


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