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Tibiao Antique: Connect With Nature

When we say about travel or vacation, we always think of those beautiful beaches. Yes I know! That beaches can be a place where we can relax our minds from stresses in work and daily life problems but nature can also be a place of relaxation. I have tried exploring the mountains of Bucari Leon to be with nature and it was a superb experience.

Once again I have given a chance to explore the province of Antique. I have already went to Antique when I have been invited by my friend to Culasi Antique and we went to Mararison Island, it was an unforgettable experience.

This time my sister invited me to their place Barbaza Antique. Barbaza is one of the municipality of Antique and it is near Tibiao maybe an hour drive. But before going to Tibiao I have to see first the beauty of Barbaza and the beach shows you stunning sunset. It may have a black sand but the water is cold and you can almost forgot all of your problems with its beautiful sunset.

My niece and I woke up early in the morning to explore Tibiao. We rode a van going there and the fee is around 50 PHP from Barbaza to Tibiao. The tourist attraction on Tibiao is located at Brgy. Importante. You can also tell the driver to drop you over “KAWA” and it will be understood where to drop you off.

Arriving at the place you can find a lot of resorts ads and it is for you to decide where to go. Don’t worry there are a lot of motorcycle driver for you to rent for 70 PHP going up to these resorts. We don’t know what to pick and I just pick Kayak Inn. Going up was also like the one I have experience in Bucari Leon but a less scary. Arriving at the place you will be ask if what activity you want. They offer water tubing, kayaking, meals, accommodation and the most famous KAWA bath.

Yes! We tried their famous KAWA bath for 500 PHP for 2 persons. But before we can relax and take pictures over those KAWA the staff will prepare it for around 30 minutes. To maximize your time you can pick other activities such as water tubing or kayaking but for us we just choose to explore the mountains of Tibiao, so we go hiking.

We walk over to the nearby barangay to ask for a tour guide to accompany us over Bugtong Bato Falls. They will ask for an environmental fee (that I forgot how much it is) and the tour guide fee will be 150 PHP. We have long walk over the mountain before we arrive at the waterfall. It was a magnificent place I can’t resist the water and since we are the only people in the place I have to dive in to it crystal clear and super cold water.

We thought that the waterfall is our final destination but the tour guide told us that we have to hike to the side of the waterfall to see the other two waterfalls (actually they have 7 waterfalls but 3 waterfalls is only open to the guest unless you are an experience hiker then you are allowed to see the other four if you got permission from the barangay).

Going up is easy since they build stairs at the side of the waterfall, only at the third waterfall where a little bit scary since only rope and stone are the only way up. But once you arrive at the top you will be amaze of the beauty and all of that tiring hike will be worth it.

The hike could take around an hour or two to Bugtong Bato Falls and going back to the resort. Arriving at the resort we are unable to use the KAWA since we take a lot of time over our hiking the staff needs to reheat the water. Below the resort is a river you can also take dip or swim while the staff is busy for your hot KAWA bath.

For about 15minutes the staff finish reheating the KAWA and we can finally try their famous KAWA bath. The KAWA have a lot of herbs and flowers maybe they are good for the skin or body. We dip over the hot water and it was refreshing along with the nature view you can say that this place is a good place to relax. You can take a lot of pictures if you want you can also ask the staff to put fire under the KAWA for pictures, don’t worry you won’t be cooked with a little fire.

There are a lot of things you can do in Tibiao Antique. Being with nature is a good way to relax, never under estimate the healing power of nature with the fresh air and clean water you can say that nature is the best medicine to our mind and soul.

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