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The Fun of A Barangay Fiesta

Barangay fiesta is celebrated in every barangay in the Philippines. It is celebrate to honor each of barangay patron saints. It is the day where each house in a barangay prepared several dishes and of course everyone is invited.

I rarely attend a barangay fiesta. But since my niece said she had an intermission number in one of the barangay fiesta’s program and also her sister invited me to her daughter’s baptism. I went for a trip just to see her dance and to witness the baptism of my “Apo” or granddaughter.

The barangay fiesta is different from a town fiesta since the barangay have a limited budget than a town. This doesn’t mean to prevent the barangay from celebrating or honoring there patron saints. This is what Filipino culture is all about repaying what the saints provided them. Especially the safety, health and wellness of every member of the family.

The night before the fiesta was fun. My cousins and I have some drinks and talk about love life, problems and anything under the moon. We usually call the day before the fiesta a Besperas. Besperas is where people are busy preparing and cooking foods to be serve for the fiesta day. There are also dishes prepare for Besperas. These dishes are for guest or relatives that went ahead of time because they come in a far place. Some programs are prepared by the barangay on Besperas like a beauty contest, basketball, volleyball and a lot more to enjoy. It was a great night especially spending time with your cousins and laughing together.

Eat, Eat, Eat

The fiesta day has come and it was a so busy day many people going in and out in the barangay. Everybody went to the chapel to attend the mass and after the mass the baptism was conducted by the priest. Baptism had finish, every people went to each of their house and began preparing and accepting guest to feast the dishes they prepared. In every fiesta, pork roast or what we call “Lechon Baboy” will always be the highlight of cuisine. Yes the skin is the best and yummiest of all.

As time pass and everyone been full with those yummiest dishes most people began to take some area or place. Prepare some ice cold beer and start drinking until the night comes (that also includes us). When all become little bit tipsy or maybe sober they go to the plaza for a dance party. My cousin and I went to the plaza to attend that dance party or what we call “Binayle” in the Philippines. Everybody dance with their crazy moves from child to adults. All are dancing and enjoying the strong beat of the music. This is much different from disco party where teenagers are flirting with each other. These dance party is fun and a wholesome one.

Fun Fiesta

On a barangay fiesta you can have good foods, lot of drinks, meet new friends and have a lot of fun. But most important never forget that barangay fiesta is not celebrated just to have fun. It is celebrated to honor the saints that keep on protecting and safeguarding each of our family members. Have fun and enjoy barangay fiesta here in the Philippines and you won’t regret attending one.

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