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Starting A New Journey!

It’s been a while since I have been thinking of creating my own website. Been thinking of what would be a great title and if I can really write a good article. I’m not good at writing even a one paragraph can take me an hour before finishing it. And the worst part of all I’m not good on grammar.

Write with A heart

I’m good in solving math equations but when it comes to English it’s my weakest especially written, oral and grammar, it means all about my English subject. But who cares its my blog right? I can write everything I want to. If I have a lot of wrong sentences or wrong grammar just comment below and I’ll acknowledge my mistakes and thanking you for correcting me.

So back to what this website is all about? I create this website to brag my travels (JOKE! But that’s what social media is all about… Right?). Honestly, this website will provide you information and details in traveling to a certain place. To think that I don’t have bunch of money to travel to all the places so i put the word “certain”. But if there is someone that will sponsor my travel I will certainly and no doubt accepting it as long as it’s free! Who doesn’t like a free travel!

Stop Thinking

They say travel and have fun. But I’m too old for having fun especially I’m in the age where people start thinking of settling down (21?) and having business of their own. To tell you the truth I just want to learn new things and travel new places. I love exploring new place but I’m scared on riding a plane, even riding a bus. This journey of mine is not only for my readers (if there’s any) or for my “followers” but for myself. I created this to nurture myself and also to make my dream come true.

The tittle speaks for its self. When you’re an Ilonggo (Proud to be One) you already knew what it is. But to those who don’t understand the tittle it means “let’s go coy”. I just come up with the title cause every time my friends want to go somewhere or just even have some past time in the park. They call me or text me the word “lagaw ta coy!”


It’s fun traveling with friends, families and loves one. But for now that I’m single disregard the love one. Since we were a child we always travel. My family always goes to my aunt place and it’s far from home. We travel it with a car and my father always took some new route going to my aunt place. There’s a time that we got lost and need to ask some direction to some bystander. That’s the time I love traveling. But who in the world doesn’t love to travel?

I have done a lot of traveling last year but that doesn’t count. I want to start a new and fresh travel. Visit those places again. They say it is best to travel alone but to me I can’t afford to be alone cause it’s boring that’s is why I have my partner. She will be my company when traveling if she is available for travel. She said she want to be a food blogger someday so check out her website when it’s live. But for now she have been thinking of the title and practicing her writing skills.


To travel you need some things a backpack just like Dora that have everything or a pouch of Doreamon who can store everything and “money”. But for me all i need is my iPod where i can listen to some of my favorite songs while strolling some beautiful place and take some wonderful pictures. But a bag is a must for me, hope my sister will read this and will sponsor my bag. I can’t afford to buy things right now because I’m in a tight budget. Someday I’m going to complete what I need the most.

For now I’m going to travel, have fun, work and enjoy every single day of my life. Life is too short to be stress and sitting there doing nothing. Explore the world, know some cultures and make a difference. Every people say to end your article with a bang! So I’m going to end it with a big… big… big… Bang!


2 thoughts on “Starting A New Journey!

    1. Ma Coy Post author

      Sure, Sheena May but maybe not this summer. Right now my friends and I have a busy schedule, we will be there next summer and enjoy the beauty of Boracay! See you there! 🙂

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