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Sandbar and Agho Island: Two Beautiful Islands of Concepcion

When you’re tired of the overcrowded beach of Boracay and need a place to relax, you can go to these two islands in Concepcion, Iloilo. Sandbar and Agho islands are small but unspoiled islands that are perfect vacation spots for those people who want to relax and get away from the busy city life.

Sandbar beach resort is around 45 minutes travel over the port of Concepcion. You can either hire a boat over the port of Concepcion to bring you there or you can make an agreement with the resort to fetch you from the port. Don’t worry because when you call the resort for reservation, they will offer you a boat that will pick you up from the port. The boat fare is around 2000 to 2500 (pesos) depending on the size of the boat. However, if you want to hire some boat over the port it will cost you around 1500 to 2000 (pesos) only.


Before going there, you should know some important things first. You must bring some packed lunch in case you are arriving there on lunch time. You will also need to bring some drinks and snacks. The store on the island has a limited supply of groceries. In case you are not in the mood to bring these kind of things, then you must make a call 3 days before your arrival time, for them to prepare some groceries for you and the type of foods you want for lunch and dinner ( in case you want to have and overnight stay ).

Upon arriving at the island, go directly to their office so that a staff can accompany you to your cottage and pay an entrance fee of 25 pesos (per head). There are open cottages and close cottages to choose from. Open cottages are mostly rented by guest that don’t want to have an overnight stay on the island. But if you want to have an overnight stay and witness the remarkable sunrise of the island then they will offer you close cottages that ranges 2000 to 2500 (pesos). The close cottages are big enough to accommodate 15 people. You can also bring a tent or rent one, tent rental fee is around 300 per night (Tent rental is currently not available. This is to avoid untoward incident such as lightning strike. You might still bring a tent but on your own risk).


Another thing to remember is that you must come on the island fully charge or bring extra batteries for your gadgets. Because electricity on the island is scheduled around 6 in the evening until midnight only. But when you want an uninterrupted supply of electricity, you should try staying at their special cottages that uses solar energy. However these cottages are limited, and a first come, first serve basis are applied and it will cost you more. These cottages are around PHP 2500 to PHP 3000. But why do you need of some extra charges over electricity? (Just bring some power bank) You didn’t come over to the island to stay over your cottages. You came to this beautiful island to enjoy, relax and relieve the stress over your busy life.

If you plan to have a day tour over the island, consider doing an island hopping on the afternoon. The island hopping takes you to the island of Agho and Pan de Azucar. If you want to stay overnight, then the best way to visit this island is early in the morning. Agho island resort also holds some accommodations. They have few open cottages and you can also rent some tent. There open cottages is around PHP500 per night and their tent for rent is PHP300/night. The only problem on an overnight stay on this island is that when it’s raining it comes with some strong winds. But the island is so beautiful, it has white sand and clear water just like Boracay (but less crowded).


Pan de Azucar Island is across Agho Island. They say it’s an inactive volcano since its lofty cone appearance appears to be that of a volcano rather than a mountain. Sadly, we don’t have time to go over this lovely place, but next time when I come back I will directly go to this island. There are also resorts on the side of the beach and you can have a hike over the mountain if you want to.


So what are you waiting for? There are a lot of great vocational spot here in Iloilo; there’s this beautiful Island of Gigantes. Adding these two lovely islands, it is the best places to relax. After you’re done with your vacation in Boracay, maybe the next time you comeback over Western Visayas you can pay a visit on these lovely islands.


Where We Stay: 

Resort’s Name: Sandbar Beach Resort

Mobile Number : (+63) 948 705 5123  or  +63906 819 7516


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  1. Lorena

    Is Agho Island owned by someone in charge on the Island or is it controlled by concepcion local town hall authorities. I just asking?

    1. Ma Coy Post author

      Hi Lorena,

      I think Agho Island is property owned and they assign people in charge to the maintenance of the island. The local authorities are there only to help and assist tourist going to the island for safety and security purposes.

  2. Yemmers

    Such soo impressionistic of you Macoy!!!thank you for this wonderful and idealistic information…
    Planning to go there this cunning vacation…

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