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Preparing To Have A Best Summer!

Summer season is here and we can’t deny the fact that it’s hot. The season like this, lots of people going to the beach not for sun bathing maybe some but not most of us. We go to the beach to get some cool fresh air and to swim on a cold water (at night is great, early morning is better but noon time is a NO! NO!).


I can’t wait to have a summer vacation with my friends. It’s a time of a year that we can see each other again. We are planning to have a two days and a night vacation on an island. Packing your things for a two days and a night vacation is easy. You only have to bring lighter baggage. Its just like a sleep over on a friend’s house. You only need a pair of T-shirt (just in case make it 4 cause you’re going to the beach), shorts (for us guys we only need one or two), jeans? (who in the world would wear jeans going to the beach?), underwear and hygiene kit with deodorant, perfume, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, alcohol, and etc. (it means i don’t know what else i can bring or should bring).

When traveling, I usually bring two bags. My old bag (paging my sister if you love me you know what i want! 🙂 thanks in advance and I love you sis!) and a sling bag. The big one contains all of my belongings and the smaller one is to carry some of my important things while wandering the place. Having a smaller bag can be handy when strolling because you can put your wallet, camera, phone, few candies (to have something to chew on when hunger strikes), alcohol, tissue and perfume. I always have these things in my sling bag.

What To Bring

A camera is also a must bring item, to capture every moment and the beautiful scenery when traveling. Yeah, we had our smartphone but a good camera is better especially DSLR camera (which I don’t have! So sad! ). I have my camera a dust proof, shock proof and water proof one. A camera that is good for me because I’m a little bit clumsy sometimes and I want to capture every moment without worrying that my camera or smartphone will get wet with water or accidentally drop it into a rock (hope this won’t happen on my camera). Have your camera ready and fully charge to capture all of your memorable travel moments.

Oh by the way, when going to a place especially to an island my mother always told me to put a small piece of ginger in my pocket (not the whole thing… though i can also bring the whole thing just in case I want drink tea… I love ginger tea especially adding some lemon juice). Putting a piece of ginger in our pocket is a superstitious belief for us Filipino that ginger can be a protection to unknown things such as “Engkanto” or environmental spirits. This is usually done by mothers to their new born babies or little kids going to new places for protection. Since this belief should be followed and nothing will be lost in me if I obey my mother’s belief (rather than my pocket will smell like ginger) and of course we can’t argue the fact that mothers knows best.


So here I am packing my things going for a vacation. Always remember to travel as light as possible and also brings some extras like, extra shirt, underwear and most important of all “Money”.

So what are you waiting for, enjoy your summer. Don’t just sit there stare at your computer or your smartphone the whole day. Get some time off to those gadgets and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Also get in touch with you love ones and friends. Summer is fun! Have the most memorable summer! Enjoy God’s given beauty!

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