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Museo Iloilo: Remembering Iloilo’s History

What we are today is because of our past. Good and bad experiences are the one that encourage us to become what we are right now. Just like a place, it went through a lot of history in order to attain such beauty and prosperity. We can’t deny the fact that we also want to know the history of our town or country. In order to attain such knowledge museum is the best place to go with, library or GOOGLE is also an option. But nothing is more precise to provide us such information than a museum.

My friend and I went to Museo Iloilo to learn about Iloilo’s history. I always wanted to learn the history of Iloilo and I remember entering the museum when I was in grade school. Since then, I am not able to go inside the museum for a visit. I pass by on this place for several times but never went into my mind to peek inside.

The museum is located in front of Iloilo Capitol. The entrance fee is 20pesos for student and 50pesos for non-student. Entering the place you will see at the left side are exhibit done by various artist. When we go there, it was an exhibit by painters and the paintings are beautiful. You know they express their feeling to each painting they made. It was like every painting have its own story to tell.

On the right side of the museum you can find relics such as old vases, old radios, money, dress, skeletons, pictures and a lot more items that describe the rich history of Iloilo. At the end right corner you can find a lot of saint figurines and statue since we are a catholic country these are very important things to us. It signifies that Iloilo is a religious province.

You can also see some pictures of how Iloilo look like when it was not still modernize with tall buildings and establishments. You can also see old pictures of houses that are still present these days to pay a visit.

Museum are taken for granted in this moment. Most millennialls today only care about beautiful place and newly built establishment and don’t care about history. We can’t take for granted such beautiful place. We travel to beautiful and lovely place but it is also important to learn its rich history.

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