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Lagawtacoy Roams Around Manila

This is my second time to flight over Manila. My first time was to apply for work abroad that didn’t work well maybe because there is something much better waiting for me. This is the best reason why waiting is really worth it. The second time I arrive over Manila is not to apply for work or finding some agency to flight me overseas for work. Yes! This time I’m here to wander the beauty of Manila.

To some people living in Manila this is just some normal places but for me this places are special maybe because it’s my first time seeing them not in televisions but in person. These places are normally visited by foreign or local tourist. If this is your first travel to Manila then this places are a must visited one.

The first place on my itinerary is Rizal Park also known as Luneta National Park or simply Luneta. Here you can see monuments and learn history of our Philippine Heroes. Arriving over the park you will be amazed of the Relief Map of the Philippines in front of Rizal Park. It looks like seeing a Google maps of the Philippine Map in a 3d dimensions.

Rizal Park is a huge place where there are a lot of areas you can pay a visit. Yes! Pay a visit because there is an entrance fee in every visit on each of these theme park so prepare your wallet for that. We first go on Nayong Pilipino, this place is like a little private garden where you can find carps over a pond, man-made waterfall, a replica of nipa huts over mountain province, different variety of plants, and different types of Philippine transportation from jeepney to kalesa or gig. Oh, by the way the entrance fee on this theme park is 40pesos.

Our next stop is the Chinese Garden the entrance fee over this theme park is 20pesos. This theme park is define by the place name. Here you can be amazed by the place beauty. It’s like seeing a different place when you entered the park. A great place to relax and breathe some fresh air over the busy place like Manila.

There are a lot of theme park over Luneta but what’s amaze me the most is the Jose Rizal Assassination Monument. Here you can see how Rizal shots by the Spanish soldiers. The one guarding the place said that this place is the exact location where our Philippine hero was shot. It was like going back in time and seeing it in person how Rizal show its bravery for the love of our country. Also this theme park has and entrance fee around 20pesos (sorry forgot the price) and your visit over Rizal Park is not complete without taking a picture over Rizal monument.

After strolling around Rizal Park. We pay a visit over Ocean Park that is around the area only. Here you can eat your lunch facing Manila Bay. Ocean Park also a great place to wander but it’s not in my itinerary and it does not belong to my budget maybe next time I come back.

After eating our lunch we walk over the well-known Baywalk area going to Manila Zoo. The place is far but if you are a traveller you must appreciate every place and enjoy every moment. You can also take a ride over kalesa to experience the ride but walking is great after eating a good lunch.

Arriving at Manila Zoo I’m a little bit disappointed because of place not because of the entrance fee.  By the way the entrance fee is 100 pesos for tourist and 50 pesos for people living in Manila. The place have a lot of animals but some of them are overcrowded on their cages. I also witness a dead crocodile over a cage. Yes! This place need some renovation or a much better place away from the noise of the busy streets of Manila. Every animals also need some peace of mind not only us people. Hope the government will take action over this. Maybe a safari like place is great where animals can freely roam around the place and not being in cage.

We ended up our trip by visiting Mall of Asia. We stroll over the mall and wait for the sun to set because they say that sunset over Manila Bay is beautiful and surely a great view to end my Manila tour. We went home tired but I had a great trip over Manila. Thanks to my best friend Philip for showing me around.

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