Lagaw Ta Coy

Lagaw Ta Coy: A Weekend in Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the first places that comes into mind when you need a weekend get away from the busy place like Manila. Yet, it is far for me since I live in Iloilo. When you’re in Manila you can just travel by land, unlike for me I need to board a plane first. I got this crazy idea of spending my weekend over this popular place to try something different. Also to prove that we can enjoy far places even we only have the weekend.

We always work from Monday to Friday and we only have the weekend as our rest day. Some only got Sunday but from my kind of work, I have the weekend as my day offs. So I have decided to take my travel to another level or maybe tried something crazy. I booked a flight going to Manila on Saturday morning and booked my return ticket to Iloilo on Sunday evening, this flight is not something important like a meeting or some things that needed to be done this flight is purely for travel. Some say this is just wasting money but for me, this is a new experience as a traveler.

I arrive in Manila around seven in the morning, my friend picks me up at the airport and we went to Tagaytay. Since this is my first time traveling to Tagaytay and got limited time, we book over a car through Grab and didn’t take a bus to maximize the time and not waste any of it for the first day. I have paid around 1000php going to Tagaytay. We arrive around 9 in the morning and the driver drops us off over Sky Ranch.

It was a foggy morning in Tagaytay when we arrive. We bought a ticket for Sky Ranch for 80php and started to explore the place. We tried some of the rides like the Drop Tower (this one makes me scream a lot), the Log Coaster, and Sky Eye. Drop Tower boost our adrenaline when we rode it, it was fun and exciting. Log coaster is just like some children roller coaster ride, this is a different type of coaster than other amusement parks that will make you scream or pray for your life. There famous Sky Eye is a must when you go over Sky Ranch, here you can witness the beauty of Tagaytay. Sky Ranch ride have different entrance fees most of these ride entrance is not lower than 100php.

After enjoying the rides of Sky Ranch, we decided to grab a bite. They got some restaurant besides Sky Ranch. We decided to have lunch over Leslie since Tagaytay is famous over its soup “Bulalo” we ordered one. The foods were satisfying and delicious and maybe those rides add up to our food cravings.

With a full stomach, we decided to go to our hotel. I book over View Park Hotel, it was far from Sky Ranch so we decided to rent a trike for 200php going there. Suddenly our trike got some emergency and the driver decided to drop us over the highway and told us to ride a jeep. This was another exciting part of a journey, the part of getting lost over an unfamiliar place. So we ask some passerby what jeep should we taking going to our hotel and also ask a stranger on the jeep if we are already near the hotel area. It was a fun and exciting thing to do as a traveler, you always need to ask some stranger for direction don’t be shy just ask nicely and they will answer your question with a smile and also they don’t bite.

We arrive at our hotel around 2 in the afternoon. We take a rest and went towards our destination the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. I have booked at View Park Hotel since this is just in front of Picnic Grove. Picnic Grove is a place for family and friends who just want quality time with each other. As the name of the place explain what you can expect or do over in this place.

There are also a lot of activities you can do over Picnic Grove aside from lying on the bench and watching Taal Lake. You can have a horseback riding, there is also some zip line and just like in Sky Ranch, Picnic Groove got also a Ferris wheel ride.

After exploring Picnic Grove we went to the nearest Starbucks to meet up with friends. We enjoy the night talking and laughing while enjoying the cold and beautiful place of Tagaytay. As time goes by we get back to our hotels and rest for the next day I will be going back to Iloilo.

My trip to Tagaytay was short yet exciting. I got to experience traveling away from home not only by riding a bus but boarding a plane only to enjoy my weekend. I also got to thank my friend Angelica for accompanying me on my travel in Tagaytay. Hope I could travel with you again. Thanks for lending me your time.

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