Lagaw Ta Coy

Lagaw Ta Coy: A Guimaras Escapade

Today when we talk about Guimaras the first thing comes into our mind is their sweet mangoes. But before Guimaras was known for its sweet and delicious mangoes it is also known for its beautiful beaches. Up until now Guimaras doesn’t disappoint us with its lovely beaches. I have been to Guimaras for several time, travelling with friends and co-workers. Because when you’re in Iloilo City the only nearest place where you can enjoy a crystal clear water and beautiful beaches is Guimaras.

Going to Guimaras is just easy, when you’re in Iloilo City you can rode a taxi or jeepney to Ortiz Wharf or Parola Wharf. Boat travels in less than an hour we arrive at Buenavista, Guimaras around 7 in the morning. It is best to travel early in the morning so you can witness the beautiful sunrise going to Guimaras.

Arriving at the port of Buenavista you will be entertain by several person that offers a ride but don’t be fooled you must go directly to their tourism office to ask for assistance and they will find you your ride. Don’t repeat what we did when almost two drivers will fight for whom we can take the ride. Just go directly to their office, list your name, the days you will stay in Guimaras and they will find you a ride with less conflict.

We drove our way to Raymen Beach Resort where we booked a reservation for a room and a cottage. We arrive around 8 in the morning so we can’t still stay on the rooms but we settle down over the cottage up until 12 noon where we can go to our reserve rooms. There cottage cost Php 500 a day and there rooms cost around Php 2500 but this is good for 8 people.

Since we arrive in the place raining we can’t see anything around with the fog blocking the view. But with that heavy raining no one can stop us from getting in to the water to enjoy. As we always told to our self we only live once so we came here to enjoy and no one can stop us. The water is so cold adding the wind and the rain. But it is a vacation so we will enjoy.

As the time goes by the rain stop and the beauty of the place suddenly revealed. We eat our lunch and finally have to check in to our rooms. After that delicious lunch, we get back to the water again. We rent a buoy which is a car interior for Php 50. It added more excitement when you can go to the far side of the beach since I don’t know how to swim (maybe someday I learn to swim but for now I need a life jacket in the water).

Around 4 in the afternoon I decided rest. But suddenly I ask my friend to accompany me to the near resort for a sightseeing. We went over the marine sanctuary beside the resorts. You can have a tour there for around Php 30 take pictures on the balustrade at the side beach. But the day is not finish yet, when you have a lot of company sleeping is just an option. We play some scrabbles and when they got bored we have some talk over a bottle of beers.

We woke up early in the morning for an island hoping. You must first take a reservation for this one it almost cost us around Php 1700. We went to this beautiful places forgot the name of the places I only remember Natago Beach. We swam over the place there you can see fishes swimming around you. Natago beach have a sandbar connecting to another island and it was a beautiful place to take a dip and see fishes with snorkel. We also rented snorkel for Php 100 each.

You have to say the Guimaras is a wonderful place to explore. I only explore a small part of Guimaras and they say there are a lot more beautiful place and resorts. I will surely go back to Guimaras to see it beauty and have an adventure once more.

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