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Exploring The Island Of Marbuena Rain or Shine!

Sometimes there are things or circumstances that we didn’t expect during a travel. Yes! We schedule the date and we planned the trip but the weather didn’t cooperate. This is the big reason why we need to be prepared in every travel and must have a plan B if plan A will fail.

The day we plan to go exploring the islets of Ajuy the weather is not in a good mood (the sun is having a hard moment and it won’t stop on crying). The minute it rains and minutes past the sun shine again (Global Warming I think!). We can’t blame Mother Nature with what’s happening that day. So instead of exploring the beautiful islets of Ajuy we just settle to go over the island of Marbuena.

Going to the island is about 20 to 30 minutes boat ride over the port of Brgy. Mangorocoro Ajuy, Iloilo. You can contact the island resort to fetch you over the port. You can also hire a boat over the area in case you are travelling alone or in a small group (to save for transportation fee). You can also go the municipality of Ajuy to ask assistance on going to the island. We rode a boat over Brgy. Pantalan Nabaye, Ajuy. Even the rain is pouring and there is some strong wind nothing can ruin our plan that day but we also ask the captain of the boat if it’s not dangerous to sail (just for our safety). We surely have an extreme boat ride going to the island!

Arriving at the island you can ask the people manages the resort for your reservation (note best way to go to the island is having a reservation either you are in a day tour or will stay over the night). We rented an open cottage for 500php and pay an entrance fee of 100php per person. You can also rent a room over to stay overnight on the island. As I ask the person who manages the resort their cheapest room is 1700php/night and it accommodate for 4 people. There are also huge rooms to accommodate bigger groups.

Also food is limited over the island; its either you will bring your own food or make reservations three days before your arrival date. We bring our own food and drinks but seeing the island meal they are mouthwatering (We just see what they serve because they have a guest that day).

The island is owned by only one resort, so you can do what you want. You can trek, walk and explore the beauty of the whole island. The island wonder is not only its long sand bar and crystal clear water but also the back part where you can walk over the sea wall and see the beautiful waves bumping over the huge rocks.

The island of Marbuena is beautiful and unspoiled one. If you want to be alone or relax over a stress day Marbuena Island Resort is a recommended one for you to explore. We got home with contentment in our trip for seeing the island beauty even the weather didn’t cooperate on us. Next time we will explore the other islets of Ajuy.


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