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Roaming Around Iloilo City! My City Of Pride!

Yes! I am an Ilonggo and I’m proud to be one! I have been roaming around Iloilo city since I was a child and I usually never appreciate places around me. Maybe for me it’s nothing special because I have seen it more often but for some they are a magnificent places. So I and my friend Lee of roam around the city to spot some places and restaurants.

We started in the heart of Iloilo City the capital area. Where you can see the capitol office and besides it is Museo Iloilo. I always pass along this area since it’s near a shopping mall. I always notice an old house in front of this capitol building. The house is little bit creepy but if you take a look at it, you will be amaze of how wonderful the house is. The structure are well detailed especially its fence that you won’t see to some modern houses nowadays.


After seeing the place we decided to take a sip of coffee in the most famous Madge Cafe inside Lapaz Market. Their brewed coffee will keep you awake not only its affordable but also delicious. Adding some mouthwatering bread and your morning will be a perfect one.

The coffee moment was great and wakes us up. We walk along the street of Lapaz going to Jaro to see some great places along the road. There you can see the Lopez Heritage House or known as Nelly’s Garden. You can have a tour inside this big house but you should make an appointment for it. Not far away from Nelly’s Garden you can see this old house beside Colegio de San Jose.


Reaching Jaro we decided to take a look at the well-known German restaurant Bavaria. The place was open since they also offer some accommodation for tourist and locals. We decided to order their best seller beer and sausage (Note we just drink coffee and now we are drinking beer early in the morning! What a weird combination! ). Since we want to travel we must deal with this situation and in our mind this is only once in our life.  Their beers where one of a kind and sausages are also delicious. The experience makes me a little bit tipsy also.


We finish our drinks and went off to the nearest church known as the Jaro Cathedral. Here you can see a large image of Nuestra Senora De La Candelaria or Our Lady of Candles. Legend says that this image get bigger and taller every year that’s why they always changing its dress. You can pray over the place for whatever your intention or problem in life. It could be about your health, love life, business and a lot more. In front of this church you can also see an old bell tower.


After seeing such great places we decided to go home and take a rest. Waking up in the afternoon we decided to roam over Iloilo Esplanade. This place is along the area of Mandurriao and Molo. This walking area beside the famous Iloilo River is the new trend over City. Here you can see restaurants, bars and recreational establishments. You can bring all the member of your family here to enjoy.

Before going home we decided to go over Molo Plaza where you can see the Molo Church and an the old Molo Mansion. In this beautiful mansion you can buy souvenirs. You can also eat or chill because at the left side area are restaurants and coffee shop.


Roaming around Iloilo City on that day was a good experience to know more about my city. The next day I ate my lunch over Robertos that’s known for their big Siopao or steam buns. As the night come we decided to go over the new port area of Iloilo. Eat some street foods over the street of Quezon.


Yes! There are still great and wonderful places in our city that we want to go to, but our time is only limited. This maybe just a sneak peak of Iloilo City but I assure you that if you go over my city you will not regret any penny you spend. Come and enjoy to my city of pride Iloilo!

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