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Hinugtan Beach: A Paradise, A Sanctuary, A Perfect Getaway

Buruanga is a 5th municipality of Aklan and it has a hidden paradise the Hinugtan Beach. When Boracay got temporarily close the Hinugtan Beach become well known to a lot of tourist. Since most of us only known Boracay when we talk about Aklan.  Hinugtan Beach is most likely known to the locals and several tourist because it is sometimes part of an island tour in Boracay since it’s near Ariel’s Point.

My friend invited me to come with them in Buruanga. I am a traveler by heart and I am not saying NO to any travel invitation. Even I’m a little busy with work I make time with travel even I prioritize my work because this is the one thing that given me money to pay my bills and spend on my travel. Before going to Buruanga we have to stop over in Kalibo to finish some business and work. We spend a night over Marzon Hotel.

Waking up in the morning we prepared our bags and went to Buruanga. When you are Kalibo you can reach Buruanga for around 2 hours but when you began your journey in Iloilo then you need a lot of patience in your travel.

We arrive at Buruanga around 11 in the morning. It is not hard to find Hinugtan White Beach since there is a signage along the way pointing the place but the problem is the road you will have a roller coaster ride along the way. Half way before your destination there is a checkpoint where you will pay an environmental fee of 25php each. But that’s not all the hardship you will be experiencing because the day of our travel road is under repair so we must walk a mile away just to reach the beach front. You have to encounter sloppy rocky road, heat of the sun and a wilderness where you don’t know where is the way out. But never to worry the way out of that wilderness is a paradise everyone is talking about.

Arriving at Hinugtan White Beach the only thing you can say is that this is truly a paradise and every hardship we encounter is really worth it. You can only see few people on the beach, no big establishments, fresh air, crystal clear water and most of all a white sand shining all over with light of the sun, a paradise indeed.

We settled over our rented cottage and order some lunch. The cottage or “kubo” as the local called it rented for 1500php per night. They also offer a daytime cottage for 500php. When you want to stay overnight but don’t want to rent a kubo then you can go with a tent, a tent rent is 500php but when you have your own tent you can only pay 200php for the space you’re going to place your tent. By the way the food on this place is delicious and affordable, really worth every penny.

We explore the place after settling our bags and full with that delicious lunch. I have gone swimming since I am always too excited every time I see a beach. I don’t mind the heat of the sun because I go here to have fun, yet just for a caution and protection I have to put some sun block. It is always better to be prepared in every situation.

The place was truly magnificent a place where you can relax. No signal to check your phone it is a place for people who want to be away from the online world and experience what is happening in the real world. As time pass by we don’t realize that it is getting dark and Mr. Sun suddenly bid good bye for a meantime. When you think that the night is as boring as an island without establishment you are wrong. There is a band singing over the front beach at night and you can order some drinks while gazing the star and listening to those sweet voices. It was a great night.

Waking up in the morning you will be awe with the calm water and beautiful horizon. This is my first time sleeping over a tent over a front beach. At first I was not used to it, I can feel the sand under me but as time goes by I have used to it and suddenly got fall asleep. That night was unforgettable experience to me experience to me because it was my first time sleeping over the front beach and it also rain, luckily the rain stops.

We pack up our tent and go for an island tour.  We rent a boat to tour us around Buruanga, the boat rent cost 1000php. We also rented some snorkel for 50php each. Our first stop is Paradiso Bel-is, one of the known resort for its swing in front of the beach. This place also accepts tourist but you must prepare your budget because this place is a little bit pricey but never to worry as I always says that this place is worth every penny you spend.

We got our picture taken to the well-known swing over Facebook and Instagram. We explore a little bit more of this place. The place is beautiful but the problem is the beach you can see sea urchin lurking around when you are not cautious you will be prick by one.

The next stop we went over Ariel’s Point but since it is owned by Boracay Beach Club it was close to the public until Boracay will be open for tourist once again. We only swam below the place use our snorkel and see the hair raising group of sea urchin below the rocks.

After the island tour we went back to our resort and enjoy the remaining time before going home. I am amazed that a paradise not far from the famous Boracay exist. I honestly don’t know Buruanga before I was invited by a friend and I was truly grateful for the invite. There are a lot of beautiful places I must discover on my own. I want to travel more and explore not only Panay or Philippines but the world.



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