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Having Fun Just Like The Old Times

Summer is fun especially when you spend it with your great and wonderful friends. Yes, it’s a time of the year where we can see each other again, where we can have good laughs and most of all just like my friend say a healthy conversation.

Friends For Life

Although we are in our busy life and schedules, we don’t fail to have some time with our friends. They say our friends are like our second family. They mostly know our secrets and they are always there when we need someone to lean on. Having some bonding time with your friends is really amazing, even though it’s only once a year or twice as long as you don’t fail to see them. Yes we have our social media to be updated with their lives but it’s a different feeling when you talk to them in person, when you laugh with them, when you share jokes, problems and most of all your secrets with them.

We had our vacation to a beautiful and magnificent island Gigantes. It feels like your younger years that you text each other to meet at the plaza and together go to your destination. I always remember that the provided time will not be the right time for us, there are friends that is “on time”, “in time” and most especially “late”. But time is not the issue as long as you have great friends they will wait for you (or if not, they will go to your house to help you out on packing) that’s what friends are all about right? Waiting and helping each other through end of time.

The start vacation

The fun starts not arriving on the island but it starts from the time we see each other in the plaza. It keeps even happier when we got all to the van and talk our past experiences and adventures. Yes, when we have our friends in a road trip you won’t get sleepy but wide awake and laughing with them. It’s like we have a lot of catching up to do with each others life that you can’t see on each social media post. Since, each precious moment is much greater to be share with your friends rather than the social media that people won’t notice and know what you feel. Likes, shares, comments, replies and reactions as also different if the person you are sharing your post are in front of you and you don’t also need an internet data for that.

Arriving at the island is like a fountain of youth that when you step in there, it brings you to your younger years. We ate our lunch and directly went to visit those wonderful islets. No time to rest because time is so precious and important to be with friends rather than lying on the bed. We went to this wonderful lagoon called “Tangke”, we swim and have a good time and took some precious pictures for a memorable moment. Next we went to the famous island Cabugao then to the island Antonia where we ate some fresh and affordable scallops and oyster (it’s like a buffet of sea foods until dinner).

Enjoying The Gigantes

The island hoping was great and we have our time to get some memorable pictures. But the fun is not finish yet; all of those are just the introduction to a much greater fun. The happier moment is when you and your friends sat on a table and have some drinks. This moment when you share memories and i tell you this is much better than a group chat on Facebook. Even though we share our past moments and we tell same old stories it’s still the best stories for us and hearing great laughs of your great friends are amazing and a priceless moment. As the night goes deeper, the happier we become. We don’t feel tired that night, it’s like we have our own power bank and one of my friend also says “the night is young and so are we and only god can make a tree” that was our motto i think? We talk, we laugh, we share secrets, we share problems, we drink and most all we have the best night ever.

The next morning we thought we are tired but the island is truly like a fountain of youth that our energy is overwhelming and there are still stories that haven’t told that night that we want to share, sadly every story has to end.  Going home is the saddest part of the trip, after getting off that island all of that overwhelming energy is gone. We arrive to the port tired but have the best summer ever.

Going Home

Never take for granted going for a vacation with your friends (except if you are truly busy and have important things to do) but it only happens once a year that you can be with your good old friends. So anytime your friends ask you for a vacation just give it a shot and come, you will never know that you might miss a memorable moment with them. Plan again for a next year vacation guys and hope all of our friends will be there. The more the merrier and always remember friendship never ends until the end of time!

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