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Hashtag Cousins Goal (#cousinsgoal): Summer Never Ends!

I always take a vacation with my friends and family. But taking a vacation with only your cousins is much harder to do. Since whenever we go for a vacation, our parents are always present. Especially when we talk about a 2 days and a night vacation over an island is truly a no! no! for our parents.


Yet our plan succeeds! My cousins and I went for a vacation; consider it as a summer ender for them because most of them are going back to school. The plan is to take a 2 days and a night vacation on sandbar beach resort. It is located near Concepcion and a couple of minutes away from our home town Ajuy.

This is my first time organizing some vacation travel since I have been going for a vacation and letting my friends to organized it and just pay my contribution. Planning is really hard, since you will be the one to contact the resort for reservation. Contacting your cousins about their contribution and there part on our travel.


We held a meeting on our house, to finalize everything and even talk about what we’ll be doing on the island. The meeting is fun and there are grown-ups listening to our conversation and they are considering to join on our getaway. But since it is called “cousins bonding” so grown-ups are off limits on our getaway.

The day has come and we already did our first part; bringing of our own assigned dishes. The island has a limited stocks of food and groceries since it’s far from Conception town proper and all products should be shipped on a boat in order to get there.


We have a lot of prepared dishes like “Adobong Manok”, “Patotin” and my mother’s specialty dish “Humba”. It looks like we’re going for a feast on the island. With our groceries and drinks it also looks as if we’re going to build a mini grocery store on the island (we will be the competitor of the island’s store).

We rode on a 6 wheeler truck since we are 18 in total; also we have a lot of things that can’t fit on a pick-up truck. At the back of the truck, we’re all happy because the plan is going smoothly and the weather is also on our favor. It is truly an amazing day!


Arriving at the island, we settle our things on a cottage. We arrived at lunch time so we prepared our packed lunch to ease our hunger. We ate and talk about the things we’ll be doing on the island (it’s swimming and of course enjoy ourselves). After fully loaded with our delicious dishes we rest for a while before changing on our swimming attire, put some sunblock and run to the beach to enjoy the clear water.

We took some pictures for remembrance of the wonderful day. We are free on what we want to do since there is no grown-ups scolding us. But we always keep in our mind the advises of our parents and as well as our aunt and uncle. The heat of the sun have not prevented us on enjoying the beauty of the island. We swam, took pictures and talk about life and of course love life (the one issue that’s constant in our every conversation).


The beach is beautiful and a perfect getaway for all those who want to relax and enjoy. After spending some time on the beach we relax in front of our cottage, start the drinking session and talk again about love life, some crazy things and happy times. As the sun was getting higher and getting hotter, our conversation was getting deeper and funnier. We laugh, ate, drank and swam again.

As Mr. Sun says goodbye and night comes along, we wash ourselves with fresh water and prepare some dinner. Until dinner, we keep on drinking since we have a lot of prepared drinks (the goal is to get wasted so that some of our cousins will tell us there problem or secrets about their love life) the plan succeeded and some of us was sober and telling us some of their secret, problems and of course what hurt them.


There was a rain that night but the rain wasn’t a nuisance or problem on us since it keep me and my cousins to be on the cottage for a couple of hours and get to know more about their story, happy love life, and there future plan for themselves. The rain was really a blessing on us and we get to know each other’s problems and make our bond more compact than before.

As the rain stopped our drinks are also getting fewer. Some of us get out on the cottage to take some alone time and some already sleep because of they’re tired. We all sleep two in the morning and all are exhausted but happy. The morning come and we woke up at around 6am to experience the great sunrise. Yet some are getting sleepy and didn’t witness the sunrise, we drank some coffee to get rid of the sleepiness.


We prepared our breakfast because the boat will soon arrive and we’re going to another island they call Agho. We checked out on the resort and sail out to the other island. Agho is a spectacular island with its white sand and clear water. We took some pictures and enjoy this beautiful islet.

After several time of staying on the island we decided to go for another island but since the other island is full of debris on its sandbar we decided not to go. Me and my cousins decided to go home, since most of us looked tired even though they don’t want to go home.


Arriving at the port, we are all tired but happy on the outcome of our vacation, most of us have the best summer and enjoy every moment in the island. There’s nothing happier than having a vacation with cousins, friends or family because it always strengthens the bond of each other. Life is great when you know you have great cousins you can depend on.

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