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“A Farm Close To Heaven!” – A Visit To Garin Farm

Garin Farm is a well-known inland resort in San Joaquin, Iloilo. Going there is not a problem, when a jeepney or a bus drop you off over the capital area of San Joaquin just ask any local there and surely they will point you toward the tricycle station or to where the resort is. The fare is around 10pesos per person but if you’re alone and don’t want to wait for another passenger you can rent a motorcycle going there.

The farm opens around 8 in the morning and close at around 6 in the evening. Arriving at the entrance of the resort you can find a list of all the details like the entrance fee, room’s price, and activity fee such as zip lining, horseback riding, boating and a lot more. Before that, you should pay the 150pesos entrance fee just to enter the resort. It’s kind of expensive but I assure you the price you paid is worth it on what you will be seeing inside this resort.


Upon entering the resort, you will be amaze by the pathway full of millionaires vine and different kinds of plants or they call it the Green Vegetable Tunnel. Walking through this green tunnel that is a bit more or less than a kilometer long (as I estimated it) you can find at every side some interesting plants and animals. You will also be able to witness a kind of urban farming that is a demanding type of farming in the urban area today. You can also find some great things such as a Nipa hut or a “bahay kubo” to us Filipinos. There are also a lot of different kinds of animals that are commonly found over the Philippines. Mostly, you might notice there are lots of chicken in the vicinity since the resort is most likely a farm and a resort.

After the educational information about farming and agriculture in the said green tunnel you can find their restaurant. The restaurant is uphill and has a great view over the farm. The air is fresh but a little downside is the annoyance of the flies flying around due to the poultry area. But since it’s a farm you can’t complain. No worries, cause you can still eat their delicious foods without the disturbance of these flies cause there restaurant is surrounded with screens to avoid flies from entering the restaurant premises.


At the area you can also find a man-made lagoon where you can take a boat ride for a price. In this part of the resort, you’ll find the zip line area, rooms, swimming pools and the entrance to the Pilgrimage. If you are lucky enough to be at the time of their dove feeding, you can find dozens of lovely doves and you can take a picture feeding these doves.

After a little bite or rest over the resto you can enter the pilgrimage area and find yourself close to heaven at the top of the mountain. The pilgrimage area is situated on the high area of the mountain and going to the huge cross would take you more or less 456 steps to reach it.


The first thing you can find when you enter the pilgrimage is the scene of creation, you can find Adam and Eve with some animals. A few steps from the scene of creation you can find Noah’s ark and the Ten Commandments. Inside the ark a conference area or a hall where you can take a rest or take pictures, 41 stair steps from the creation and Noah’s ark scene, you can find the Nativity scene where you can see portrait of Jesus with Joseph and Mary. 42 stair steps away from the Nativity scene you can find the baptism of Christ over the river with john the Baptist. 44 stair steps and you can find the scene of Christ riding on a donkey or the welcoming of Christ over Jerusalem.  36 stair steps away is a resting area where you can sit and take a moment to catch your breath.  37 stair steps and you can find the most common scene we can find over our dining area the “Last Supper”.


After the last supper scene and 27 stair steps away from the scene, you can reach the half of the pilgrimage and reach an area where golf cart are available to go. There, you’ll witness good scene of the farm and a few area of San Joaquin. 22 stair steps and you will see the Agony at the Garden where you can find Jesus praying to god the father right before his capture and the betrayal of Judas. A few 32 stair steps the Scourging at the Pillar scene, 32 steps away is the Crucifixion scene, another 32 steps and you will find the Resurrection scene. 31 stair steps away from the resurrection scene and you can find the Ascension of Christ the last scene in the major events happen to the life of Jesus Christ.


Just take the 80 more stair steps and you can reach the peak of the mountain and be amaze of the huge Divine Mercy Cross. On the right side of the area you can find the meditation tunnel. Entering this dark tunnel is truly amazing and breathe taking because you’re tired and it’s dark. But in the middle of the tunnel you can find the image of Christ and a praying area to pray for what you have been thinking on that dark tunnel, after that on your way out of the tunnel you can find a hair raising scene where you can see that you are truly over in heaven!


Don’t know if my counting of stairs are correct or not but what’s truly amazing is that this place teaches you about farming, a good place to lessen stress,  pump up your adrenaline and mostly to value life and be close to God a lot more. Visit this wonderful place! Garin Farm! A farm close to heaven!

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    1. Ma Coy Post author

      Yes, There are rooms available for an overnight stay. I think their room ranges from Php1500 to Php3500. You can also visit their facebook page for more information. Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

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