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Exploring the Mountains of Bucari

Pines tress, fresh vegetables, waterfalls are some of the things you can find in Bucari. Bucari is part of the municipality of Leon. You can ride over your private vehicle going all the way to Bucari. However for those individuals who don’t own a car (just like me) or just a tourist in Ilolo, then taking a jeepney is the only choice you have. You can go to Iloilo Supermarket besides Robinsons Iloilo or go to Ungka Terminal and ride a jeepney going to Leon the fare would be around 30php.

Arriving at the town of Leon you can ask the driver to drop you on place where you can take a ride going up to Bucari. Jeepney going up to Bucari have a time schedule and arrive at the town 8am and go back 9am or 10am the fare would be around 50php. But if you can’t wait for the jeepney’s schedule then hiring a motorcycle going up is another option. But I tell you taking a motorcycle will give your travel over Bucari a boost to your adrenaline. With an approximately an hour of extreme ride along with some drifting when approaching some curve lanes. The ride will make your heart pump faster than the normal.

We arrive at Leon 7am and in Bucari 8am. But before we arrive at the top of Bucari our motorcycle driver made a stopover to give us a sneak peak of the place. You must pay a 30php for the environmental fee. Arriving at the place I realize that I wear the wrong clothes, I am only wearing a denim short and a t-shirt. Even with the sun up and shining I still feel the coldness of the place, the reason are the pine trees and the high altitude of the place. We bought a cup of coffee to heat up our body. Never expect some high end restaurant over the place but don’t worry there are stores around the area.


After the coffee we decided to climb up to the iconic Willy’s Rock of Bucari. You can find a stone stair going to the top. It was a tiring hike but arriving with a breathtaking view all of it was worth it. You can take a photo over a tree that lies over the edge of a mountain. To make it more exciting you can walk over the tree and get a great picture. After getting some pictures we go to Willy’s rock. I must suggest you go to Bucari early in the morning so that you can have the place all by yourself just like our group did. Because around 9am or 10am there will be a lot of tourist going the top. If you’re tired with hiking and taking pictures you can take a rest before going back. There is a store that sell biscuits and drinks but most of all a fresh buko juice to replenish your body.

We go back to the camping site of Bucari. And Yes! You can take a camp over this lovely place under the pine trees. You can bring your own tent or you can rent a tent for around 350php for a night. The place is cold even at noon. We got hungry and went over a store to eat lunch. But never expect a selection of delicacies because they only serve one to three cuisine of their own. You can also ask the store to cook a cuisine for you but for a price. When we got there they serve a native chicken cooked in a coconut milk. It was hot, spicy and delicious one of the best delicacy I have tasted.

We decided after our lunch to go to the nearest waterfall. The ride was intensifying and heart pounding. Arriving at the place you have to pay an environmental fee of 20php this is for maintenance of the place. You can also ask for a tour guide for 300php but there are a lot of children in the place to guide you and just give them money for the service they will provide you. You have to cross 3 hanging bridge to see Imoy falls. For around 30 minutes of walking you can reach the waterfall. The place is beautiful but be sure to bring your swimming clothes to maximize your travel (sadly we don’t bring ours).

My travel to Bucari was all worth it from the adrenaline pumping motorcycle experience to the cold and fresh air of Bucari and most of all those breathtaking views of mountains and waterfalls. It was a once in a lifetime experience with the beauty of nature.


Motorcyle rent from Leon Proper to Bucari (round trip): 300php per person for 2 person in a motrocycle or 200php for single person
Motorcycle rent to Imoy falls (round trip): 200php
Environmental fee in Bucari : 30php
Environmental fee in Imoy Falls: 20php
Tent Rent: 350php per night

Bucari Map:

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