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El Dorado WaterPark, Westown Hotel: Summer On A City

We always thought that the best way to experience summer is go out of city and search for a nearest town for an adventure, it is either getting wet over the beach or exploring the wilderness of a mountain. We always do that but this time we do it the other way around while spending a lot over a fare or gas. Why not go to a nearest hotel and experience summer over a city.

My friend and I went over El Dorado WaterPark, it is located at the heart of the city and under the management of Westown Hotel. It is just one ride away from the apartment of my fiend. El Dorado WaterPark is a small water park beside Westown Hotel. If you are planning for a little get away on a summer time in Iloilo without leaving the city then this place is right for you.

My friend lee of pick this place to let his family come with us. It is a family vacation and I’m part of it. We always travel out of the city so our budget is limited. Who needs some far places if we can enjoy it with our family here in the city, right?

El Dorado WaterPark have an entrance fee of 300 for adults and 250 for children’s, this is reasonable price since the entrance comes with a beverage. You can also bring your own food as well as water except for some beverages and cakes which they have a corkage fee.

The place is small unlike to Waterworld Iloilo but unlike Waterworld this place opens at 9 in the morning and close at 10 in the evening so enjoying this place until night is great. While Waterworld opens 9 in the morning and closes at 6 in the evening. El Dorado WaterPark also a great place to hang out with friend since it’s been surrounded with bars and also you can order drinks to be serve over your cottages.

If you want to enjoy with friends or family without living Iloilo City then this is one of a great place. Enjoy Iloilo’s best bars and restaurants at Iloilo Smallville Complex and don’t forget to pay a visit in this lovely place.

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