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Damires Hills: Adventure, Relaxation and Good Food In One Place

For us traveller’s summer never ends, even if it’s raining but we travel with caution. What is the purpose of travelling when we are not safe right? The time we schedule our travel luckily the weather get along with us. We went to Damires Hills to seek some adventure and as always to relax our self.

Damires Hills is located Janiuay Iloilo. You can drive with your private vehicle going to this place or you can ride a jeepney, a van or a bus that is going to Janiuay at Ungka II Terminal, the place is an hour drive. Arriving at Janiuay town you can rent a tricycle or a motorcycle to go to this place. We arrive around 7 in the morning and it was a bit early for a tour so we relax for a while on a cottage and eat some delicious breakfast. By the way the entrance fee on this place is 100pesos with a cottage rent of 3000pesos that is consumable for foods you order. There is also a 1500pesos cottage but it is shared with 2 – 3 groups. They also have rooms for every travellers who want to stay overnight.

The entrance include a free ticket for a canopy walk through their hanging bridge. The place is wide and you can do a lot of things in here. You can have nature hike that is included in the entrance you have paid. Also they have an ATV where you can rent for 300pesos for a tour around the place. They also have zipline where the fee is around 180 to 300pesos depending on the position you want to do, a superman or a normal ziplining.

After we are full of that delicious breakfast, we take a hike on their canopy walk. It was a long walk over the woods and upon reaching the end of the canopy walk you will see their hanging bridge. When you are scared of height then this place is not for you. The hanging bridge is a kilometer or two walk and it was breathtaking in every time a wind blows, along with your friends that make a move to let the bridge sway a little.

They also have swimming pools where you can take a swim for 100pesos after a tiring long walk over the woods but you must follow their dress code. They have also a coffee and souvenir shop.

Come enjoy and take an adventure at Damires Hills. When you visit Iloilo City, it just an hour drive.  This is a great place to relax with your family, your lover or even with your friends. A place where you can take an adventure, boost your adrenaline and face your fear of being in the woods and also the fear of heights. But most of all this place serve you with delicious foods and have friendly and accommodating staffs. You will never regret coming on this lovely place.

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