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Fall in Love with Bolinao, Pangasinan!

Yes! This is my first travel outside Western Visayas, to the beautiful town of Bolinao, Pagasinan. I was invited by my best friend on his wedding and get a chance to witness the beauty of Bolinao. Bolinao is a 5 hours drive from Quezon on a private vehicle but if you take a bus you will roughly taking a 6 to 7 hours travel or even more depending on the traffic. Forget about the travel time the most important thing is witnessing the beauty of this town when you arrive.

We arrive on Bolinao four in the afternoon and right after taking a rest we went to El Pescador Resort. With this beautiful resort you will be tempted to take a dip over their swimming pool but before you get tempted to get a dip, you must have 200 pesos on your pocket because if you are not staying here as a guest the swimming pool is not a free to swim area. I think two hundred pesos is worth it for its great view and a good place to relax. Also not to worry because El Pescador Resort has a beach area for those who don’t want to swim over the pool.

The next day we went to Rock Garden Resort the place was amazing with its mini Zoo and a beach area that doesn’t have a sand over the beach area but rocks? (maybe this is why they call it rock garden). But if you really want to see a beach sand area then this resort is not for you. After the tour on this lovely resort we went to the iconic lighthouse of Bolinoa, The Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. The place have a breath taking view of the West Philippine Sea. Sad to say due to safety reason no one can climb up to the top of this light house unlike to the light house of Isla de Gigantes (because the old one in Gigantes is damage on a typhoon and it was newly built).

We also go to St. Claire Monastery where they said nuns live there and if you write your prayer over a piece of paper provided on the monastery hall and drop it over the hole, your prayer will be prayed by those nuns (put a little donation along with prayer just for a little thank you). Yet visiting the place will lift up your heart and you will feel blessed just visiting the place.

Our last place to visit is Patar Beach and truly a great place to end your trip over Bolinao. Along the way you can see a lot of resorts. Arriving at Patar Beach you will be in awe just seeing the white sand, the coastline and a picture perfect view that is much better than Boracay (just my opinion). Yes! This is a must see place when you visit Bolinao. I must say your Bolinao trip is not complete when you can’t visit Patar Beach. Crystal clear water, white sand, and most especially affordable cottages.

There are lots of beautiful places to explore over Bolinoa. I will surely coming back there if given another chance. But thank you so much to my best friend Philip and to his lovely wife Jing for showing me such a beautiful place. You will truly fall in love with Bolinao not only with the place but with a lot of good people and yummy dishes. Visit Bolinao Pangasinan and you won’t regret every cents you spend! Also a recommended place for a summer get away.

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