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About MaCoy



Hi! I’m Mark a.k.a Ma Coy. I’m a computer engineering graduate, I know this has nothing to do with blogging and traveling but I really love to travel since I was a child. Since then I love to climb mountains, go to the beach with my friends and ride my bike going to a far places. However as I grow older I become a home stay person. I love watching TV, watching movie, playing online games and eating “A LOT” that is my hobby these past years. I love being at home because when your home, you can’t spend a penny.

The year 2014 and 2015 was an eye opener for me when I got to travel to places and realize that it was fun, life changing and maybe a lost piece of my life puzzle. I got to see new landmarks, meet new people, experience new cultures, learn new language and taste different kind of cuisine. That day I realize I want to travel more often to put a color on my gray and boring life. was created because some of my colleague told me to create a travel website since I travel more often. I am scared that time since I’m busy working and have no time to maintain a website, also I’m not a good writer. But my friend always encourage me to try it, then one night when I can’t sleep and a lot of words popping into my mind. I got my phone, lie down to bed and write my very first article, then i said to myself this is the sign that I’ve been waiting for to start that website. I take the RISK! The next day I borrow some money to buy the domain and on “March 31 2016” was born!

This website will be filled with all of my travels inside or outside the Philippines. I will also provide you tips and ideas when traveling to a certain place. You can also contact me at just in case you have some place to recommend for me to travel.

Have FUN while you’re young!



Take Risk!!!

Most of all……..  Enjoy!!! 🙂